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Intellectual property can be among the most valuable assets of a business or an individual. Given their importance and complexity, intellectual property concerns must be handled with forethought and precision. Attorney Claudia Pollak, with an office in White Plains, NY, is devoted to representing business clients in protecting their intellectual property assets.

Intellectual property is the product of one’s mind. Intellectual property encompasses a wide range of intangible items, including ideas, inventions, literary works, images, processes and product names and logos. A legal framework provides protections for this type of property, including copyrights, patents, and trade and service marks. Additionally, the legal concept of trade secrets has also been developed to protect distinct forms of intellectual property.

A copyright protects writings in any form, including works of art and music. Although a copyright exists as soon as a work is created, copyrights are formally issued by the U.S. Copyright Office. Trademarks protect words, phrases, logos and images that identify a good, and service marks protect the same types of intellectual property that identify a service. Patents protect certain types of inventions. Patents, trademarks and service marks are issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Claudia Pollak Law regularly represents newly-formed and existing businesses in their pursuit of intellectual property protections, except patents, which is a highly specialized field. We will compile the information necessary for a complete application, and review and submit it to the applicable governmental office in order to secure the relevant protection. 

What are Trade Secrets?

Trade secrets are confidential pieces of information that belong to a business, that have a financial value and that a business strives to keep confidential. A trade secret can be in the form of a process, technique or formula, among other things. If a piece of information qualifies as a trade secret, federal and state laws protect it as such and provide an avenue for recovery should it be exploited.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-competition agreement, also known as a covenant not to compete, is a document that protects a business from being exploited by a former employee. These agreements prohibit the employee from competing with the former employer in certain ways, but are strictly scrutinized by courts and must be drafted with this in mind. Non-disclosure agreements prohibit an employee from leaking certain information about the business. Claudia Pollak regularly works with these agreements in order to utilize the protection they offer to a company’s intellectual property.

Once the appropriate protections are in place, Claudia Pollak can assist business clients in implementing the internal policies necessary to bolster them. Business and employment policies that highlight the importance of a company’s intellectual property and that specify its appropriate use are imperative to business success. Claudia Pollak drafts and implements these policies for business clients of all types. With an office located in White Plains, NY, serving clients in the Lower Hudson Valley, including Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties, call 914- 908-6220 today for a consultation.

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