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Claudia Pollak Law is committed to providing superior representation to business owners on a wide range of employment-related matters. Depending on the size and nature of your company, you may have the need for employees. If so, it is essential that you deal with your employees in compliance with all federal and state employment laws and regulations. Failure to take precautions and/or operating out of compliance can lead to hefty financial losses associated with private lawsuits and governmental enforcement actions. Employment matters can be complicated and it is best to consult with an attorney experienced in advising businesses in this area. Westchester, NY attorney Claudia Pollak can assist you with your employment-related issues.

Claudia Pollak will work with you to achieve your goals by getting to know your business and shaping your legal representation to suit your company’s needs. This includes advising businesses on day to day operational matters that can be impacted by the approach a company takes in dealing with its employees. Claudia Pollak is experienced in drafting human resources policies and procedures and conducting employee training in matters relating to sexual harassment, discrimination and other employment and compliance related issues. Claudia Pollak will spell out these policies in new or updated employee handbooks and other documents geared toward employees. Another service offered is the evaluation and revision of existing policies and procedures to specifically address compliance. When things may be going wrong, Claudia Pollak assists businesses in conducting investigations relating to internal employment matters.

When you hire a new employee or change the terms of an existing worker’s employment, Claudia Pollak can assist you in formalizing the new arrangements by drafting an appropriate employment contract that includes all of the necessary terms and is appropriate for the specific type of employee, including executives, sales representatives receiving commission-based compensation, and other categories of employees.

Intellectual property is often a concern that involves employees. Claudia Pollak can assist in protecting your business’s intellectual property and industry standing by drafting appropriate non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. A non-disclosure agreement will prohibit a previous employee from revealing sensitive information about the business with regard to trade secrets or other intellectual property that can threaten a company’s ability to compete. A non-compete agreement, also known as a restrictive covenant, can limit a current or former employee’s ability to compete by laying out specific geographic and time limitations in providing competing services. These agreements are enforceable under New York law but must be reasonable in order to be considered valid. Claudia Pollak has significant experience drafting these agreements so that they are more likely to hold up in court.

Whether employees are no longer needed or leave for another reason, Claudia Pollak can assist your business in creating severance agreements and releases that can prevent future lawsuits. The goal is always to reduce the possibility of a conflict in the future, although they cannot always be avoided.

Claudia Pollak Law works with established companies, start-ups, and closely-held corporations in every industry. If you are a business owner and need assistance with employment matters, contact White Plains, NY based business law attorney Claudia Pollak by calling (914) 908-6220 for a consultation today. The practice serves clients in Westchester and the surrounding Lower Hudson Valley region. 



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