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Claudia Pollak is experienced in representing non-profit organizations in a wide variety of matters, including advising and assisting clients on issues relating to formation, structure, operations, tax-exempt status and regulatory compliance. Claudia Pollak Law, a New York City and Westchester County, New York based firm, can represent your non-profit organization from pre-inception to dissolution and offer the knowledge and advice needed to help achieve your mission and make your non-profit business a success.

Clients who wish to start a non-profit organization often benefit from legal guidance to help assess whether the non-profit is the best legal form and right organizational structure to achieve the desired goals. The practice can assist you with creating the entity by filing a Certificate of Incorporation as well as drafting Bylaws and other appropriate organizational documents. It is important to structure your non-profit organization within the confines of the many federal and state laws applicable to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations. 

The hallmark characteristic of a non-profit organization is federal and state tax-exempt status. Claudia Pollak is experienced with preparing and submitting an application to the IRS for this status, and assist in drafting the policies and procedures required of non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in accordance with applicable New York state laws and regulations and IRS requirements.

Another focus of the practice is the continuous representation of clients with regard to their tax-exempt status. In order for an organization to maintain this status, it is subject to annual filings with the IRS and applicable state agencies. Claudia Pollak assists in preparing these filings for clients and represents the organization in regulatory compliance matters that may arise.  

In protecting an organization's tax-exempt status as well as its public reputation, it can be key to develop and institute internal policies and procedures related to the organization's day to day operations. These include employment policies, whistleblower and conflict of interest policies, as well as procedures to protect the organization’s intellectual property.

Claudia Pollak drafts and reviews various contracts for non-profit organizations, including a variety of commercial contracts, grant agreements, and executive compensation agreements that are in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code Section 4958 Intermediate Sanction rules.

Working regularly with boards of directors, Claudia Pollak attends and participates in meetings and drafts agendas and the meeting minutes, as well as advising on membership and governance matters.

Non-profits are utilized for many purposes and can be beneficial to many causes. If you are considering a non-profit and/or tax-exempt structure, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney with experience in non-profit formation and operations. Failure to structure the business in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations can be detrimental and has the potential to result in further expenses. Claudia Pollak Law based in New York City and Westchester County, New York offers quality services to non-profit clients at affordable rates. Call (914) 908-6220 for a free initial consultation to discuss your nonprofit organization’s legal matters.

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